Billing and subscriptions

for fast-growing businesses

The most ambitious companies design billing around customer experience. Stripe Billing is a new set of tools to build and scale your recurring business model.

Integrate fast. Iterate faster

Stripe’s elegant abstractions simplify adding or changing billing models. Plus, you get a powerful interface to test and roll out new pricing easily.

Flexible billing and payments

Bill your customers with one-off invoices or automatically on a recurring basis. Go global with support for different payment methods.

Optimize for growth

In 2017, Stripe’s recovery tools reduced payment declines for users by 45% on average and increased revenue by 10% on average.

A better answer to Build vs. Buy

Companies of all sizes face the question of whether to build or buy a billing solution. Stripe Billing gives you a better option.



The Stripe Billing API is easy to integrate into existing websites, mobile apps, or even CRM systems. Developers can use out-of-the-box functionality to get started quickly or use our composable API building blocks to design fully customized subscription logic and pricing models.

A flat monthly rate with extra charges for usage that exceeds a fixed quota.

Product core
Plan monthly_usd
Product growth
Plan monthly_usd
Plan monthly_eur
Product enterprise_user
Plan user_USD
Product storage
Plan monthly_tiered
Tiers 1-1k: $1.00/GB 1k-10k: $0.50/GB 10k+: $0.25/GB
Product base
Plan user_USD
Product overage
Plan monthly_usd
Tiers 1-1k: $0.00/GB 1k+: $0.50/GB
Subscription Acme Contract
Quantity: 12 users
Usage: 10,000GB
Customer Acme Corp.
Invoice April 2018

A flat monthly rate with extra charges for usage that exceeds a fixed quota.



Once you’re set up, you can create and manage subscriptions and invoices—and view detailed financial reports—directly from the Dashboard. Stripe doesn’t limit the number of team members you can add and supports granular roles and permissions to help manage access.

"Stripe Billing enabled us to launch our subscription product, eero Plus, on schedule and with billing fully integrated."

Mark Sieglock

Head of Business Operations

"We implemented Stripe to introduce new billing and payment models and increased our trial conversion by 300%."

Sylvan Boucard

Payments Product Manager

Effortlessly design and test pricing

Iterate on your pricing as quickly as you improve your product with Stripe’s flexible billing components.

  • One-timeCharge for one-time purchases.
  • RecurringCharge a single price on a recurring basis.
  • Usage-basedCalculate billing based on your customers’ product usage.
  • Tiered pricingCharge different prices based on volume tiers.
  • Promotions and trial periodsAdjust billing with discounts and trials.
  • Billing frequencyBill daily, weekly, monthly, or annually in advance or in arrears. You can even set custom future start dates.

Try it yourself: add and remove items and explore designing a custom pricing plan.

Global payments built-in

Accept any supported payment method with our unified API—no one-off integrations or separate contracts required.

International cards and currencies

Accept all major debit and credit card payments in 130+ currencies. If needed, enable 3D Secure for any payment.

Payment methods

Support more than just cards using global payment methods, which you can activate from the Dashboard.

Protect your revenue, simplify PSD2 compliance

Beginning September 2019, PSD2 regulation will require European customers to provide Strong Customer Authentication—or SCA—for many subscription and invoice payments. Stripe Billing helps protect your revenue by identifying which charges require SCA and triggering 3D Secure 2 authentication when required—all with as little friction as possible.


Banks will decline recurring payments that require SCA unless you obtain authentication from customers. Minimize this churn by letting Stripe automatically email your subscribers to request 3D Secure 2. You can customize the emails to match your brand and create reminders if customers don’t take action.


Stripe Billing lets you send invoices with built-in support for credit and debit cards. The hosted invoice page detects which payments require SCA and seamlessly requests 3D Secure 2 authentication as part of the payment process.

Customizable and comprehensive invoices

Tailor invoices to match your brand, configure templates to display necessary customer and product information, and apply inclusive or exclusive tax rates for different locales.


Send recurring invoices for subscriptions or one-off invoices in a few clicks. Get your invoices paid faster by accepting credit and debit card payments, and configure email reminders for invoices that are overdue.

Global templates

Send invoices in 13 different languages, and configure custom text fields, footers, and memos to display all the necessary customer and product information.

Flexible tax modeling

Apply inclusive or exclusive tax rates to individual line items or to whole invoices for specific locales. Download reports detailing how much tax you collected to make remittance simple.

Match your brand

Customize the look and feel of invoices by adding your logo and selecting the color palette. You can even add a personal message like a thank-you note.


While often more effective for larger invoice amounts, ACH and wire payments can require tedious and manual accounts receivable efforts to support. Stripe Billing automates how businesses support ACH and wire.

  • Send Invoice
  • Review bank statement
  • Notice a new customer payment
  • Match payment with invoice
  • Mark invoice as paid
  • Manual
  • Manual
  • Manual
  • Manual
  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Automatic

Stripe generates virtual bank account numbers to keep your company’s banking details private and automatically reconciles incoming payments with outstanding invoices.

From one-time order to lifetime customer

Automate every part of recurring relationships—from managing customer events to retrying failed payments at the ideal time.


Nearly a quarter of churn is caused by missed payments or declined cards. In 2017, Stripe’s recovery tools reduced payment declines for users by 45% on average and increased revenue by 10% on average.

Automatic card updater

Stripe works directly with card networks to update payment details with new card numbers or expiry dates.

Smart retry logic

Stripe uses machine learning algorithms that train on data from across the Stripe network to optimize retry logic and minimize failed payments.

Payment reminders and overdue notices

Maximize your chances of getting paid with pre-built email reminders for missed or overdue payments.


Use Stripe as a system of record for the customer lifecycle: manage important events such as automatically provisioning services for new subscribers or sending reminders for renewals.


Automatically notify other systems of lifecycle events, including new subscriptions, payments, or cancellations.

Billing proration

Stripe automatically prorates billing when any plan changes occur.

Renewal rules

Configure rules to automatically or manually renew customers’ subscriptions.

Simplify billing from order to cash

Focus on your product and customer experience and rely on Stripe to optimize and automate order flows, billing, invoicing, payments, and more.


  • From the Dashboard
  • Stripe.js and Elements
  • Billing API
  • Mobile SDKs


  • One-off billing
  • Recurring billing
  • Flexible billing
  • Invoice delivery
  • Hosted invoice pages
  • Sales tax integrations


  • Credit cards
  • ACH and Wire
  • Local payments
  • Retry logic


  • Credit cards
  • ACH and Wire
  • Local payments
  • Retry logic

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